Why you should be using Showtime Anytime

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Showtime has the best app of all the streaming services,you just don't know it yet.

Survival is dependent upon evolution,and no one in the streaming market has worked harder to survive than premium cable channels.从开始高压氧然后斯塔兹,pay movie channels have used their independently produced content to retain customers who are fleeing cable contracts en masse.If you're looking to cut the cord,it's time to take another look at Showtime.英吉利海峡streaming app offers a broad range of original programming,hit Hollywood pictures,and unique features the competition can't provide.Here's what you need to know about Showtime Anytime before subscribing.

Showtime vs Showtime Anytime

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喜欢HBO Go vs HBO Now,Showtime and Showtime Anything essentially offer the same service.Both unlock the channel's deep catalog of original content,纪录片,and boxing specials.The difference is that Showtime Anytime is used by traditional Showtime subscribers to access content on the go,while Showtime is the also the name of the channel's standalone streaming service,which can be acquired a handful of different ways.Making matters more confusing,Showtime tends to use the two terms interchangeably.If you're still not sure which one is right for you,just focus on how you want to acquire Showtime content and follow our instructions below.

How much does Showtime Anytime cost?

How much Showtime Anytime costs will depend on your cable company.例如,Showtime on Comcast Xfinity currently runs $12 per month,while it's $13.99 on直播电视.Verizon FiOS,相比之下,offers Showtime for $15 per month,but you can add another premium channel (HBO,斯塔兹Cinemax,or Epix) for an additional $10 per month.Showtime Anytime is also available via AT&T U-verse,Bright House Networks,Charter Communications,Cox Communications,菜肴,and Time Warner Cable. If you're signing up for a new cable package,it's common to receive a free year of one or more of these premium movie channels.

How does Showtime Anytime work?

Once you've downloaded Showtime Anytime from the Apple App Store or Google Play,you'll simply sign into the app using the same username and password combination you received from your cable provider.

Your subscription comes with exactly what you'd expect—free on-demand access to all of Showtime's programming and movies—but the service also offers two live channels,Showtime East and West,which play whatever is on the main Showtime channels. Showtime is one of two movie channel services that currently allow users to download content to their mobile devices for offline viewing (the other being Starz).For travelers with tight data limits,this lets you stay up to date on Showtime series guilt-free.

Showtime Anytime does not have favorable reviews in the App Store,so if you're looking to stream via your iPhone,iPad,或者iPod touch,you might want to consider another option.

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What about the Showtime app?

If you're a cord-cutter,fear not: Showtime works withevery major streaming option,whether you watch on a智能电视,游戏控制台,or mobile device.You can even access its content by subscribing on葫芦(或)Hulu with Live TV亚马逊.No matter what method you choose,the interface is smooth and easy to understand.Here are a few of the most popular options.

Showtime on Apple TV

After a free seven-day trial,you can stream Showtime via any Apple device,including Apple TVs,for $10.99 per month.You'll download Showtime from the App Store to get started.It's the same process as with Showtime Anytime,except you won't be syncing it to a cable provider.

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Showtime on Chromecast

如果你有Google Chromecast,it's ridiculously easy to add Showtime as a premium channel.You'll just download the Showtime app via Google Play and sign-up for $10.99 per month.Then you'll cast the channel using your preferred Android device.

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Showtime on Roku

Sensing a pattern yet?No matter which streaming option you choose,it's likely going to cost you $10.99 per month,和is no exception.You'll simply add the channel to your monthly contract.

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The cheapest way to watch Showtime

If you already have亚马逊金牌服务subscribe to Hulu,then you can add Showtime as a premium channel.Showtime costs $8.99 per month on both Amazon Prime and葫芦,making it the cheapest way to stream all your Showtime favorites.Given Amazon's flexibility—it works with亚马逊消防电视消防电视棒,火药片,计算机,Android mobile devices,and iOS mobile devices—it's a great option. You won't,然而,be able to download programs with either option.但是,it's worth noting,Hulu offers a free 30-day Showtime free trial for subscribers.

Showtime Anytime on Hulu 葫芦照片


表演时间‘s boxing events are starting to draw cards and ratings that rival HBO,long-considered the TV home of boxing.Regardless of whether you access via Showtime or Showtime Anytime,you'll be able to watch all of Showtime's non-PPV events.You alternative would be to pay $14.99 for CBS All-Access,which includes a Showtime subscription ($18.99 per month if you want to watch it ad-free).


Showtime original series

Showtime has an impressive back catalog of shows across every genre you can imagine.It recently brought back双子峰,picking up where the original series left off.德克斯特便士可怕scratch the itch of horror fans,while dramas like十亿性大师give most of HBO's shows a run for their money.Showtime's reputation for smart programming has attracted stars like William H.Macy不知羞耻的)唐钱德尔谎言之家)保罗·吉亚玛提十亿)伊迪凡尔克护士杰基)Mary-Louise Parker (野草)and Liev Schreiber (雷·多诺万).Here are five Showtime original series you need to see.

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1)Twin Peaks: The Return

With so many shows being resurrected in one form or another to mostly diminishing returns,it's only right that David Lynch returns to Twin Peaks to push the boundaries of what television can be.再一次。归来is everything fans expected: fascinating,骇人听闻的,狡猾可笑令人沮丧的,单数。双子峰has the kind of versatility to be whatever it wants at any given moment,and that's what makes it unmissable.Even at its low points,you're still seeing things that you won't forget.But at its best,归来is as good as the form gets.-埃迪海峡

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什么十亿lacks in prestige it makes up for in terms of entertainment value.It's a fun game of cat and mouse between Damian Lewis' hedge fund banker and Paul Giamatti's U.S.律师。十亿strikes the right tone of melodrama and keeps the story moving.The show hit its groove in its recently concluded second season,setting expectations high for season 3.But sometimes it's the simple pleasures that make a show worth watching.为了十亿,that is Paul Giamatti's intensity.When he takes things to 11,很少有演员有趣的观看。-E.S.

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Pretty people betraying each other.It's about as standard issue as a drama premise gets.但是这件事makes the formula work to its advantage.The show explores an affair (obviously) and the way it affects the lives of the duplicitous couple (played by Dominic West and Ruth Wilson).The cast also includes Joshua Jackson and Maura Tierney,so basically it's full of elite TV actors doing what they do best.The characters are well-developed,and the drama is incisive. —E.S.

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Horror shows really have a short life,unless they go the anthology route.But that's a cheat.Longform horror is as tough a task as there is in television.便士可怕found that alchemy and churned out three seasons of the good stuff before surprising fans with an out-of-nowhere series finale.After the shock wore off,its was clear the creative powers that be made the right decision.Any show featuring Van Helsing,Victor Frankenstein,德古拉伯爵和博士Jekyll is destined to burn bright and fast.Come for the gothic horror,stay for Eva Green's devilishly good performance. —E.S.

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5)This American Life

For a brief two-season run,Ira Glass and his team produced episodes of their iconic radio show for television.The burden of TV production ultimately proved to be too much,but the episodes produced feature all the hallmarks ofThis American Life: thoroughly researched and off-the-map stories told with a humanist touch.If you're a fan of the radio show/podcast,these episodes are essential.If you've never triedThis American Life,this is a good way to give it a shot. —E.S.

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