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If you're looking to cut the cord,你可能会惊讶于这样做的成本。You may need to invest in a streaming device likeAmazon Fire TV stick,then you'll want to factor in a couple of subscription services like网飞公司葫芦,或HBO围棋.如果你想增加流媒体直播电视,you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $70 a month.

That's where Philo comes in.The new streaming TV service is a budget-friendly that gives you plenty of channels without breaking your bank. Here's everything you need to know about Philo.


Philo is a streaming TV service that focuses on entertainment,教育,and lifestyle programming.Initially launched as a streaming TV solution for college campuses,Philo opened access to the general public in November 2017.Despite its budget price,Philo是一款功能齐全的流媒体电视解决方案,offering most of the perks of more established services.

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How does Philo work?

市面上没有比Philo更容易尝试的流媒体服务。Getting started with a free trial only requires a phone number—not a credit card.Once you've logged on Philo offers you four options: Home,活着,保存的,搜索。Home is a brief rundown of the shows you've been watching (including the option to pick up where you last left off,even if days later),趋势现场秀,and upcoming programming.The Live section gives you a grid listing of what's playing at any given moment.Saved captures your DVR programs,while Search is self-explanatory.

One of the odd aspects of Philo is how it handles on-demand content.After a week of solid use,I found that the fastest way to get to the on-demand listings is to pick a channel from the Live section,按下我的遥控器,and select "More on this channel." That brings up both a live schedule of what will be playing and a list of the top shows on the network.You can select from those top shows to find the episodes that are currently on-demand.

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What devices support Philo?

The biggest strike against Philo is its lack of streaming options.You can watch Philo on网间网操作系统安卓,一个Web浏览器,and following a major update in 2018,苹果电视Amazon Fire Stick还有消防电视。然而,while its streaming options are limited,each app is well designed.Learning to navigate around the Roku app has a learning curve,但一旦你掌握了一切,Philo makes watching your favorite shows easy.

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标准的Philo套餐有37个频道,featuring a host of great entertainment options and a frustrating lack of news.Unlike many of its streaming competitors,Philo has a deal with Viacom,giving you streaming access to Comedy Central,MTV,赌注,and other channels you won't find elsewhere.该软件包由流行的Favorites Discovery完善而成,A&EAMC动物星球,Discovery Channel,and the Food Network.

正如你所看到的,this isn't a package for sports fans or news junkies.事实上,the only news channel you get with Philo is BBC World News.再一次,BBC World News is a great news channel,and it's not oversaturated with commentary like so many American cable outlets.For an additional $4 per month,you can add nine additional channels that include BET Her,烹饪,发现生命,还有尼克顿。

One thing to note: Philo does not offer local channels.你会想投资高清天线to supplement Philo.You might also want to look into alternative ways towatch ESPN online.

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List of Philo channels:每月16美元

  • A&E
  • AMC
  • 动物星球
  • AXS电视
  • 英国广播公司美国频道
  • 英国广播公司世界新闻频道
  • 赌注
  • 切达干酪
  • Cheddar Big News
  • CMT
  • 喜剧中心
  • Discovery Channel
  • DIY网络
  • 食物网络
  • 供参考
  • Game Show Network
  • 高清晰度电视
  • 历史
  • 国际金融公司
  • Investigation Discovery
  • 寿命
  • 终身电影
  • 音乐电视
  • MTV2
  • 镍镉合金
  • 小尼克
  • 奥普拉电视网
  • Paramount Network
  • 人民网
  • 科学频道
  • 圣丹斯电视台
  • 美食
  • 少年尼克
  • 薄层色谱法
  • 旅游频道
  • 电视台
  • 速度
  • VH1
  • 维克兰
  • 我们电视


All of the above plus:

  • 美国英雄频道
  • 打赌她
  • 蒸煮通道
  • Destination America
  • Discovery Family
  • 发现生命
  • 标志
  • 音乐电视直播
  • 尼克托

How much does Philo cost?

Here's where Philo sells itself.The basic 37-channel package is just $16 per month.Philo的基本软件包是最便宜的流媒体电视解决方案,with roughly 10 more channels than the starting package of its nearest competitor,吊带电视.

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Is Philo worth it?

Philo certainly won't meet the needs of everyone,but for the money,it's easily one of the best streaming services on the market.With a starting price below anything else out there,Philo is the ideal budget streaming TV option for people who miss cable.The lack of news and sports channels is a significant issue,but between websites and local over-the-air channels,it's possible to make up the deficit—and with the money you're saving,it's easier to justify.

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It's evident from the channel listing that this service started off aimed at college betway必威官网手机版students,but no matter what time of day you tune in,there's always something good on.最棒的是there's no reason not to try it out.Just give Philo your phone number and keep your credit card to yourself.If you've always wanted to dip your toe in the waters of streaming TV,Philo is the best way to do it.

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