The danger of calling Mike Pence ‘decent'

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He's a man who doesn't afford the same respect to others.

我的一位老老师曾经禁止她的学生说“好”这个词,她称之为“英语中最无聊的词”,一betway必威官网手机版个以戴眼镜的六年级语言艺术教授的伪装而臭名昭著的煽动者,她警告说这个词很俗气,不言而喻的,and basically pointless.把某件事描述成“好”就和什么都不说一样好。

乔·拜登本该带上她。Fernbacher's advice: by not saying anything at all.

This week the former vice president and seemingly inevitable presidential nomineebroke Gay Twitter by calling his successor,米可盆策奥马哈大学演讲时的“正派男人”。It's not quite as ghastly as the dreaded "nice," but use "decent" to describe just about any other activity and it reveals the word's utter emptiness: a $400 meal at a three-star Michelin restaurant,anniversary sex with your partner,或者去瓦尔拉塔港。The praise doesn't sound nearly so flattering.

拜登在2020年的竞争,Pete Buttigieg,确实违反了费尔巴彻的法令,然而。南弯,印第安纳州市长,他是第二个竞选总司令的同性恋者-told the华盛顿刀片two years ago彭斯是个“超级好人”,恰好占据了“与我们其他人不同的现实”。

尊敬我们未来的同性恋总统,that's like saying Hitler was a great hugger.

如果“正派”意味着道德上的坚韧,“善良”意味着善良,Pence is neither of those things.他是一个不受欢迎的狂热分子,通过与一个肤色像地狱燃烧的火焰一样的种族主义者绑在一起,登上了国家第二高的职位。几乎不识字的煽动家sexually assaulting two dozen women蠢到可以承认on tape to a D-list Bush family member.

最可恶的是公众实际上更喜欢一个男人的领导谁是真正的史上最差的总统“对这个所谓的好家伙。The only thing worse than a Trump White House is Overlord Pence.

Pence may seem genial enough if you're both wealthy,当你们俩都登上亿万富翁的侄子布里斯的宾客名单时,白人每年都被迫进行一次礼貌的闲聊。但对于LGBTQ的人来说,他独特的破坏性政策,Pence is a square-jawed doomsday missile with a mommy complex and a cheap haircut.

The vice president's anti-LGBTQ record is so extensive that it could have它自己的联合方节拍器.Pence has argued hate crimes bills further a "radical 必威官网手机版social agenda" and "silence" people of faith.他认为允许同性恋者在军队服役是必威官网手机版社会实验“他认为非歧视法宣布”war on freedom and religion" and "ban employees from having a Bible at the workplace“他还说做LGBTQ是一种”选择的生活方式“这将带来”社会崩溃."

当他的妻子,凯伦,was criticized for teaching at a universitythat bars LGBTQ betway必威官网手机版students from enrolling and compares homosexuality to polygamy,adultery,and sexual abuse,Pence claimed the blowback was proof "宗教自由受到攻击" in America.

这不仅仅是特朗普的副手所说的问题,不过。这也是他所做的。As the governor of Indiana,便士signed a law allowing people of faithto discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community in the name of "religious liberty." He支持限制同性婚姻的宪法修正案最近一次是在2014年。His policies even fueled an HIV outbreak in Indiana.他担任副总统的任期大致相同。Pence reportedly是关键支持者of Trump's directive banning transgender people from serving openly in the U.S.armed forces.

Pence's defining moment,然而,可追溯到2000年,当时语言印在他的竞选网站上suggested Pence supports anti-gay conversion therapy.他的办公室否认了这一说法,说他打算鼓励更安全的性行为。然而,便士从未正式谴责过the discredited "pray the gay away" treatment—or even clarified what his stance on the issue is,确切地。

That's right: A man who is one heartbeat away from the presidency won't say that electrocuting LGBTQ kids to make them straight is bad.

拜登在前纽约州长候选人辛西娅·尼克松(CynthiaNixon)之后,为他公认的微弱赞扬道歉。called attention to the absurdityof commending Pence's alleged good manners.在推特上,他claimed the remarks were intended在外交政策的背景下,提出一个“观点”,而不是作为一个人对便士的认可。

While Biden will likely continue to pivot from the gaffe as he为总统竞选做准备我们都知道他会宣布他的声明反映了一种奇怪的倾向,即不通过他们所伤害的社区,而是通过他们的个人崇拜来评判我们选出的领导人。Americans elected (and then re-elected) a trust fund president who paid his friends to destabilize the Middle East because they wanted to have a beer with him.两年前,B选民说“当然,为什么不呢?”一个欺骗艺术家,因为他们不“信任”一个僵硬的女官僚,所以对俄国独裁者有好感。带有不规则的地域口音.

拜登为便士辩护并不离题。当我们恰巧喜欢坏人的行为时,或者相反地,我们自反地愿意原谅他们的行为,when they discriminate against the people we dislike—is the point.

Pence very well could be a pleasant individual,if the standard for agreeability these days is not murdering people in cold blood.但作为一个奇怪的人,我每天都感受到副总统应有的尊严的沉重负担,我试图在一个不希望我存在的政府下生活,我可以用其他一些词来形容他。

None of them,我可以向你保证,都那么好。



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